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View From the Third World

Thursday, February 18, 2016
The landlord comes and laments his problem. This time it is not the work load in the office, also not the mother who is still in coma and he is no more interested in the increasing noise in his otherwise calm and quiet neighborhood. The air pollution? Today he ignores it. There was thunder and storm, which has cleaned the environment. The problem of watering the grass has been solved by natural. The storm has caused an electricity breakdown and there is also no water. However, the food in the refrigerator will not become stale because it has become cooler and the fine dust –to be found everywhere – is settled for the time being.

The farmers in the countryside still do not have many tragic problems. One eats before sunrise and before going to the mosque, works hard during the day, hardly drinks anything, and finds a shadowy place to rest in the intervals. If its the fasting month, he fasts -- no problems.

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