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The Causes of all Evil or almost all Evil

Wednesday, June 17, 2015
Prof Dr Norbert Pintsch

Once again we engage ourselves with the topic of disparities in urban and rural cultures, their problems, misunderstandings and faulty developments caused by the myths. The erroneous developments in urban areas are massive and on the other hand, seemingly ignorant and largely uneducated residents in the rural areas are carriers of the traditional culture. They are also the owners of left-over knowledge of the concerned culture. Unfortunately, they are misused by the members of the city culture in many different forms for the purpose of income generation.

Philosophical Considerations

The urbanisation is proceeding forward with the main argument of progress and development, without its necessity being put in question in any way. The prospects of a solution to the enormous problems of the systems complex “City” appear to be further away, more than ever before. One is still looking to solutions used in the XX century, for example the expansion of the infra-structure. The answer to more traffic jams on roads is to widen them, and widen them again when the traffic jams increase even more, and this goes on and on. Mobility is the main catchword, technically attractive, but seen in a long-term or even lesser context, just a sham answer.

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Housing in Rural, Urban and Fully-Autonomous Entities

Tuesday, June 16, 2015
Prof Dr Norbert Pintsch, Aaron Pinsker, In Cooperation With:
SPARC (Ghayyoor Obaid) & TTTC (Omar M. Ali), Pakistan
CAT (Njini King Caro), Cameroon
TM (Ricardo Coslez), Colombia


This article again refers to “housing”, the architectural, economical and philosophical aspects of which have already been discussed. In this article we will discuss the scientific and technological aspect (Architecture, Urban & Regional Planning) which however are not totally independent of other areas of the culture. As clear-cut diagrams and illustrations mean more than words for the engineer and scientist, the accompanying text may be considered a literary explanation of the important inter-relationship. A very simple text for the illustrations would probably not appropriately describe the total picture.
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Katoti.Pk – discount coupon website

Friday, June 5, 2015
Internet today is filled with millions of web shops for single product sales to thousands of products on a single site and business to business. Then there are varieties of services available for doing business using online solutions. Net result is that this combination is accelerating new economic activities. Ironically, it is assumed that online shopping is best suited for businesses in developed markets due to their economy and better buying power. Analyses of the cost and benefits show that shopping online is more beneficial for under developed countries like Pakistan.

Since the internet developed mass market potential with the invention of a simple to use browser for surfing the World Wide Web, it is easy to see its effects on businesses and on the daily lives of common people. On the one hand the internet is turning business upside down and inside out and on the other, it is proving as an integrated point of service for ordinary people who have chosen to have an access to the internet as an addition to their lives. In urban Pakistan, saying that everything glamorous is happening to businesses in the developed world is no more valid.

Katoti.Pk – discount coupon website - is a case in point. Have a look and see what they are offering in term of saving and how they are facilitating the users in Islamabad, Peshawar, Lahore and Karachi.


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Dolls, Toys and More

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Dolls, Toys and More by S A J Shirazi


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