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Mela Wekhan Ayan Guddiya Pakistan Diyan

Friday, December 30, 2011
And in Europe, the Dolls of the World by Thatta Kedona are on display in bazaar being held in Ethnological Museum in Berlin (November โ€“ December 2007). In addition to Dr. Senta Siller and Prof. Dr. Norbert Pintsch, the bazaar will be conducted by Sabine Piltz, Gertrud Baier (who has been to TGD Pakistan), Renate Perner (who was in TGD Pakistan twice), Renate Katz.

Mela Wekhan Ayan Guddiya Pakistan Diyan
means "Dolls from Pakistan are here to see the festival."


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Dr. Senta Siller at Gross Behnitz

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Dr. Senta Siller โ€“ mother of dolls and moving spirit soul of Thatta Kedona โ€“ did not come to Pakistan this year. Friends Thatta kedona and readers here were wondering where is Dr. Senta Siller?

As usual, Dr. Senta Siller has a lot on her hands. She has been winding up Pakistan House Potsdam that was founded by her in 2001. Pakistan House is closing down and Gross Behnitz, another international project is starting.

Along with winding up of Pakistan House, Dr. Senta Siller has been training a group of women in handicrafts and making clothing for Gross Behnitz project. Dr. Senta Siller will start the next training course from Gross Behnitz. During this period, she with other volunteers has also managed 30 bazaar days in ethnological museums in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Stay tuned, more will come on Pakistan House and Gross Behnitz project?


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The Dolls Project

Friday, December 2, 2011
Proof of this is found in the escavations in South America, the Subcontinent, Japan, Italy, Greece, and other sites all over the world. Made out of sa number pof materials like wood, wax, clay, cloth etc. They were not only a toy but used also as religious symbols and cult items for example as miniaturized images of persons.
Even today they are used by many people as fetish. Today, the experts are not sure what was the first purpose of the dolls; as a toy, out of which the cult figure developed or the cult figure which became a toy. Over and above toys with educational value, dolls are realistic documentation of past and present times and therefore important source of our knowledge about the games, life, living and work conditions and economy. They are important cultural carriers.

Dr Senta Siller established different projects in Pakistan, Cameroun, Columbia, etc in which small but long-term progress was made towards development of rural areas, help towards self-sustained development, discouragement of urbanization by way of income generating projects in the rural areas through production of certain types of handicraft items.
Dolls are manufactured here lovingly and clothed in traditional dresses and accessories. Fabric design and types of clothing are revived and take an important place in daily life.


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