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Anti love rules

Wednesday, February 2, 2011
Love will always outwit our fixes. It will always overflow the boundaries that we raise to enclose it. It's in the basic nature of love to be temperamental. Our era is trying to deny this.

It's trying to turn love into something that's rationally controllable. [...] Not only is it doomed to fail, but it cheats romance of its enchantment. It turns love into just another page in our investment portfolio. Supposedly, the more prudently we invest, the higher the profits. But, actually, the opposite is the case. In love, it's those who take the biggest risks who reap the biggest gains. Sometimes they lose everything. But when they win, they win the jackpot.

So, no rules. But here are some potent anti-rules to hold up to the self-help vampires lurking in the shadows:

Read an excerpt from The Case For Falling in Love, by Mari Ruti, Ph.D., published by Sourcebooks Casablanca here.


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