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Kalam TV

Monday, January 3, 2011
Video making was once considered to be the professionals’ domain and everyone had to rely on the services of these people to arrange coverage of their functions, weddings and other activities. This continued for a long time till the advent of the digital age. With the availability of digital camera and even the cellular phones, equipped with video making facility, everyone with an eye or otherwise for video making can now make a clip to cover an event comfortably and with ease, even professionally.

While novices as well as professionals shared their clips with friends and families, the Internet provided them a forum in the shape of social networking sites to share their videos with a larger audience. I was asking around for a local video sharing site when I was introduced to Kalam.tv.

And I was happy to know when a friend told me about Pakistan first video portal, which has also entered the digital world by allowing its members to share their video presentations with everyone. I hurriedly logged on to kalam.tv and found it interesting and informative. Kalam.tv mainly focuses on audience and members from Pakistan. Kalam is one good choice for those wanting to share their experimental films, impromptu clips and travel experiences.

I think as time goes by and more and more people know about kalam.tv, it has the capacity to attract a larger audience and participants in future. If you haven’t heard of it, please log on to the site and see for yourself how Kalam.tv makes a best forum to air your professional, armature or even a beginners work. I am sure you would like it.
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posted by Doll at 8:24 AM


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