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Is Internet for rating girls?

Wednesday, December 8, 2010
In case you've already forgotten the lessons of The Social Network, allow Boston University sophomore Justin Doody to jog your memory: the Internet exists to determine which girls are hottest.

According to the Washington Post's Campus Overload blog, Doody created RateBU.com after getting the idea from the Facebook movie — and, like, everything else ever. Doody's site acknowledges and celebrates its unoriginality — "Unique? Not really. Still fun? Absolutely!" — but he swears this version won't get anyone into legal trouble. Says this brave bringer-of-girl-rating-to-the-masses, "Everything on this site is user generated, I'm not adding any of these girls. I let the users do that, and then I just approve it or whatever. So I mean, all the photos on the site come from Facebook."

Read BU Student Reminds Us Internet Is For Rating Girls

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