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With Meesha Shafi

Friday, November 12, 2010

Full of energy, bold and down to earth Misha Shafi makes her presence felt and speaks about putting Pakistan on the global map.

1. How did Coke Studio happen for you?

Well I’m the lead singer for a band called Overload and already had one album out. That’s about the time when Coke approached me and I was definitely in.

2. Have you thought of producing an album with Arif Lohar?

Of course I have, who wouldn’t have. I think collaborations are really exciting. The fusion works and brings out a very different style.

3. Jugni was well received. Did you see it coming?

Absolutely not. The song has been around for many years. When we did the Coke Studio version it just seemed to have hit a nerve with people regardless of class, gender, age or nationality. I have children coming up to me telling me they love it as well as older people. I don’t think anyone would criticize to my face but it seems to have put Pakistan on the global map.

4. Do you have any plans of having a full-fledged concert in Dubai?

I have a lot of stuff lined up with my band. I can’t give you dates as nothing has been confirmed but I can say that its going to be very soon.

5. How do you balance your work life and you personal life?

Well I’m fortunate enough to be married to someone who is in my line of work. That makes it a lot easier; I guess it makes him more understanding. I belong to a family of artists and was privileged enough to marry into a family of artists as well.

6. What kind of advice would you give young Pakistani girls facing challenges in the music industry?

I think my advice would just believe in yourself. Talent cannot be acquired and if you have it you are blessed. I think you should give it an honest shot. You should excel in what you are talented in rather than just be mediocre. The music industry can be tricky and is still frowned upon but just get out there.

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