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Love, hate

Wednesday, October 12, 2011
Love between men and women is the foundation of a conjugal relationship. Tell us why you love your spouse? Opinions from cross section of cyber society (may be anonymous) in comment section will be brought up in the post (and comment deleted) or email.

Reasons: Why I love my husband?
  1. He is the love of my life.
  2. He is the best person I know; very adoptive.
  3. He has earned my trust and I know he will never leave me.
  4. He cares and provides for me.
  5. He sings to me constantly, making up the songs as he goes along.
  6. He writes real songs for me and plays them on his guitar in bed.
  7. After a fight, he always makes sure to heap loads of love on me to assure me that we are still going to be okay.
  8. He is not too tough to cry in front of me.
  9. He is beautifully sensitive and loving.
  10. He needs me.
  11. He makes up characters like the Invisible Monkeys and the Face Bug and then sicks them on me. (The Invisible Monkeys tickle and the Face Bug dances on your face and ears.)
  12. He insists that I'm clever and compliments my work.
  13. He buys me stuffed toys all the time. Even when I insist I have too many. He knows I don't mean it.
  14. He always listens to me.
  15. Every day he has some thing nice to say to me.
  16. He always says that I am not chubby. He makes me believe that.

    Reasons: Why I do not love my husband?
    1. He does not trust me.
    2. He has a big ego that does not let him budge.
    3. He is selfish.
    4. He does not brush his teeth.
    5. He cares more for his parents then for me.
    6. He comes home to sleep only; spends all quality time outside doing business and with friends.
    7. He has a crush on every woman he meets.
    8. He is adict.
    9. He smells.
    10. He is always comparing me with wives of others.
    11. He is a cheat.
    12. After 36 years of marriage, there are more things that I dislike about my husband than I like. He seems to live in his own world and I am just a part of it.
    13. All he knows about me is that I have b****ts.
    14. I thought he loved me but after marriage it came out that he married to get imigration papers. Now that he is settled, he is looking for even greener pastures.
    15. My husband and me fight all the time.
    16. He says that I have pimples on face, no lustre on it, circles round eyes.
    17. My husband is a wonderful, charming, loving guy to every one, but when it comes to me, he can be a son of a …


      Reasons: Why I love my wife?
      1. She has earned my full trust over time.
      2. She is a wonderful person and sincere friend.
      3. She is very caring: helps me get ready for the day, day after day.
      4. She takes care of our home.
      5. She is respectful to my parents.
      6. She is easy to to talk to and participate positively and keenly.
      7. She is very beautiful.
      8. I always find neat home, when I come back after work.
      9. She cooks good.
      10. She always calls me from home to remind to take my lunch on time.
      11. She has become my best friend over time; she listens, she shares.

      Reasons: Why I do not love my wife?
      1. She is very selfish and always thinks about herself.
      2. She keeps telling our kids that I am not doing enough for them.
      3. She thinks I have a lot of money hidden from her and keeps on spending recklessly.
      4. She does not like sex. She sleeps with me only as a duty not as a passion.
      5. She does not like my parents. (She does not like her parents either).
      6. She keeps nagging.
      7. She does not need me; only needs my securities in life.
      8. She sleeps too much.
      9. She is always complaining.
      10. She is never thankful or happy.
      11. My wife will not do what I tell her to do but will do things what others tell her. BTW, I have never advised her with malice; never.

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