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The soul of the dolls

Tuesday, November 30, 2010
Ten years ago Thatta Kedona project started aiming to fight poverty and to support poor women living in the countryside in the district Okara. The products of Thatta Kedona project have earned a great reputation both inside and outside Pakistan, thanks to the voluntary efforts of designer and social scientist Dr. Senta Siller. The main products are handcrafted dolls dressed in the garments of the different provinces of Pakistan and of minority groups such as the Kalashi and the Makrani.

In the past ten years there has been much talk in both national and international organizations, and in smaller circles, about supporting women living in the countryside. The key words in these discussions were 'women empowerment' 'tender training.' A lot has been written about this.

Women in the cities were encouraged but what happened in the countryside, where most of the population lives? In the village of Thatta Ghulamka Dhiroka situated near Okara in the backwaters of Punjab, the local NGO has been successful in working practically on the small things in life and improving the situation of village women rather than leading discussions about urban culture and international theories. The pointing questions were: What can be done when a husband dies and the widow has to support their children on her own? What can be done when a wife is banished and needs to support herself and her children? What can be done, when heavy illness causes enormous difficulties in a family's well being? What can be done, when general conditions in the countryside deteriorate and lead people to migrate? What can be done to improve life in the countryside, to support the traditional culture, which is the wealth of a country and to change the socio-economic situation for the long-term?

For ten years now, practical improvements to life in the countryside have been implemented step by step by the village project, without prior spectacular theoretical announcements. Today, the arts and crafts project is one of twelve projects, in which the villagers are working together with Dr Siller and other voluntary workers.

State bodies have often praised the project and promised support - empty words as yet! A general acknowledgement of this work would not just be a good advertisement for official bodies, but they could use the village project in other parts of the country as an example of achieving step-by-step improvements in other parts of the country.

The words 'long-term effects' are always keenly used; where are the examples of long-term improvements, the illustrious development projects resulting from bilateral agreements? At present, the term 'success' is used in relation to industries and measured according to the masses. The small steps and achievements of the village project are no less relevant. They are culture-friendly and still economic. Why are they neglected by official politics? Because they are not spectacular!

The simple listing of economic enterprises along the N5 only looks at the existing facilities on 500 meters on both sides of the road. It points out the enormous developments without evaluating them. Parts of the original population living along the N5 road have moved to Lahore and have to comply with urban culture. More and more machines are used for farming, more and more tractors are driving to the sugar cane plantations and with the increase in electronic media, singing in the villages and conversations amongst villagers are disappearing.

Ways of living and the use of local materials such as clay are changing through the introduction of technology. A metal container is now exchanged with one made of plastic, clay buildings that are adjustable to the climate are being swapped for brick buildings. Now is the time to show the possibilities of the rich traditional culture and make its worth seen through its people, otherwise it will be very difficult and expensive to repair and to reduce the mistakes made by the classic industrial countries.

In the meantime worldwide urban culture is expanding and working with industrial principles. Parents send their children to school to have them educated, since this has been the right thing to do up until now, and it can't be wrong in either the present or the future. A good education calms the conscience and pays off in the form of well-designed documents and certificates: University of Lahore, College for Management, Institute for Management Sciences, Academy for Fashion and Technology, College for Information and Technology, University for Management Sciences, Institute of Education Management, and so on. How can one imagine that a well-educated person won't be able to find work later on? In the meantime one can live well from the educational funds.

These worldwide accumulations of mistakes can be discussed further at another time. It is not possible to reduce them, but looking at general perceptions of the environment can create an uncomfortable process of realization. Even areas that seem beyond these issues, such as that of the arts, are part of the, perhaps unintended, process of industrialization and its system of education and values. Whatever is taught is done so in a scientific manner, so that the skills of the past that are normally passed from father to son, are examined and taught academically as part of a curriculum.

The result can't be more than a flat generalization, which is spiced according to region and season and presented as a new discipline, maybe, institute for the acquisition of questionability and existential orientations?

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At The Muppet Shop


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Green tea weight loss myths

Research shows the tea helps the pounds melt away, even while still eating junk food. 

Also Spearole Tea, a blend of green tea, spearmint, grape seed and olive leaf, is said to cut blood pressure and make it easier for the body to process sugar. Read research findings here.

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Women cricketers win Gold

Monday, November 29, 2010
Halal Hameed Bhatti

The roar and applause for winning gold medals by Pakistan’s Naseem Hameed and Sara Nasir in the South Asian Federation games was still echoing all over the country, when the women cricketers brought another gold for Pakistan – this time from a bigger event; the ongoing Asian Games at in Guangzhou, China.

It was only yesterday that we bagged silver in Wushu – but today was a different day. Playing against Bangladesh, the girls from Pakistan displayed a stunning team spirit, resolve and determination to beat back the Bengali girls with 10 wickets. Pakistan’s Nida’s best all round performance was the key to this golden win. Nida dismissed four for 16 runs. And if that was not enough; she scored a brilliant 51 off 43 balls to steer Pakistan to its first gold in just 15.4 overs. Javeria who hit the winning boundary scored 39.

The gold brought jubilations in Pakistan. The president telephoned Miss Sana, the team captain and personally congratulated her on their superb performance and winning the gold for the country. The president said that the gold was a gift to the nation riding on a series of crises.

We thank you girls for bringing us the gold after eight years and making us very proud of you. Bravo!!

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Adriana Lima Models $2 Million Bra

Sunday, November 28, 2010
Adriana Lima just debuted a $2 million Fantasy Bra, but where does it stack up with Madonna’s cones and lingerie that charges iPods?

In a publicity stunt in New York, Adriana Lima slipped into $2 million diamond-studded Victoria's Secret bra and prance around a pink carpet for the onlooking public. In a blue dress especially designed to reveal the bra, Lima modeled the Damini-designed creation which contained more than 3,000 jewels and took six people 1,500 hours to craft.

Not exactly a bra your average woman can afford but, of course, that's not the point. All Victoria's Secret care about is publicity and that's what they got with this tunt.

Each year, the lingerie line debuts bras that are increasingly over-the-top—and this week, Lima flaunted the $2 million Miraculous Bra, with 3,000 white diamonds, 82 carats of sapphire and topaz stones. When she debuted the bra at a Victoria's Secret luncheon in New York, she insisted that it was comfortable, adding that "everything is in the right place." She'll wear the bra onstage at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, which airs on November 30.

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Where's Your Willpower?

Saturday, November 27, 2010
New research suggests that dedicated dieters have no more willpower than those who can’t resist the pumpkin pie. Casey Schwartz on how reframing your thoughts can change your appetite.

Recent neurological findings are challenging our traditional view of willpower—and questioning whether it actually exists at all. Read here.


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Share more, live happily

Friday, November 26, 2010
Everyone has secrets in personal life. Those secrets people do not share with any one no matter what. Situation gets out of the ordinary when deeper feelings are withheld between life partners – those living together, having common dreams and goals. Does sharing of the private things by husband give his wife power over the former? Or does holding back from each other spoil relations and home milieu that is the basis of trust and dependence.

People have deeply personal or even ordinary secrets they do not share with any one because they think that the revelation may make them vulnerable. It may give the partner some power over them. But, power is abstract, an influence one can exercise over others.

Consider this example: The husband shares with is his wife something about his own brothers, sisters or parents. Say, he tells his wife, "Dear, we need to go to them more often, we need to take care of mother or an upcoming marriage of sister's daughter."

The wife replies, "You have already done so much for each one of them. You have always been taking care of everything. Now it is high time that they should take care of themselves and you should concentrate more on your own home. Our children are also growing up." Unconsciously, with that a few unthinking, conclusive sentences, the wife stop her husband from sharing any more on the subject. So, in the situation, the husband may begin to secretly set aside money to save for taking care of his parents. In doing so, the first step is taken: a secret is withheld. In the years to come, the husband will begin to hesitate to share with his wife because he does not want to feel powerless.

Wives keep secrets from their husbands as well. The wife wants to buy a new microwave oven, or wants to change old curtains or aging furniture. So, she asks her husband, "Dear, we need to go in for a new microwave." The husband replies from over the file he has brought from office to work home, "We cannot afford it." Unconsciously, the husband imposes his authority and the wife feels she is no more in command of the financial situation. So, in the situation just described, the wife may begin to secretly keep away money from her household budget to save for a microwave oven, for curtains or furniture items. In doing so, again sharing is stopped.

Sounds like a storm in a teacup? But, consider what happens around and you will find that withholding of secrets start from just about as minor incidents, events, not necessarily having financial implications. Things keep adding over time. Personal feelings are more fragile than we realize. People feel the loss of power very easily. It does not take much to draw back and hold secrets. Sometime, one look, one gesture from the spouse is enough. Whenever anything is withheld, behind it is an unspoken plea: You do not understand my needs, my fears, my hopes, my wishes, my aspirations.

And behind every reaction is an unspoken attitude. When the husband instantly replies, we cannot afford a microwave oven; he also says without words, I do not care if you are inconvenienced. Instead, if he were to put down his work for a moment, nod sympathetically and ask, what do you think would be easier on our pockets — repairing this one or going for a new one? This way he could have shown his involvement with her predicament, yet draw her attention to his.

Likewise, when the wife smiles disbelievingly and replies, "You have already done enough for everyone," she is also communicating wordlessly, "I do not care about your family." Instead, if she were to say quietly, "Would you like to talk about it? How should we be able to balance everything out? “She would have shown him that she is with him in his concerns and he would not feel the need to retreat.

What should be done in situation like this and so many others like this? The husband and wife each can bring strength to a relationship. Without one or the other, the relationship would not exist. So, neither should feel disempowered by the other. Rather, when one partner is seeking, is doubtful, is troubled, the other should share his or her power constructively, encouragingly, supportively rather than further restricting, suppressing or limiting the already-troubled partner. Once couples understand this idea of individual power and that each contributes his or hers to the relationship, their going gets a lot easier. And it does not need a degree in physiology.

The next step is to become involved and listen. For example, when the wife wants to talk out her needs, is it so important for the husband to continue what he is doing; watching television or reading newspaper? Or, when the husband wants to talk, is it necessary for the wife to continue whatever she happens to be doing? The most important thing is to stop everything and listen. The listening partner has a false idea of time — the idea that If I do not finish this now, I will never finish it.

This makes the relationship functional rather than loving. Priority must be to make time to listen to each other. It may mean a messier house or missing your favorite TV program, but it will certainly make for a more sharing and caring relationship with no troubled, fearful, unresolved secrets hovering like invisible barriers in the mind.

After having lived my own life and seeing so many others in my circle, one more step that comes to mind is equally important. Never assume that you know your spouse inside-out. When the wife talks about buying a new microwave and the husband thinks "Oh, there she goes again, always wanting to spend money!" He does not share his feelings; he holds it back with his cynicism. Similarly, when the husband talks about his parents and the wife thinks, "Oh, he is at it again." She does not share openly. She holds it back with her dislike.

Finally, always put yourself in the shoes of the others. By imagining how it feels, the listening partner jerks himself or herself to awareness of his or her feelings. And the best way to use it is by sharing it! As much as a good relationship is a cozy co-existence where you live and let live, it is also a trusting, concerned, open-hearted co-existence where you live and help live.


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Pout more

If you want to catch a man’s attention, don’t bother fluttering your eyelashes or flicking your hair. Just practise your pout. A woman's lips are the most attractive part of her body.

Read The lips have it: Research shows men are drawn to a woman's pout more than any other facial feature

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I am not overweight, I just look chubby

Tuesday, November 23, 2010
A quarter of fat women think they don’t have a weight problem, according to a study.

Young mothers are particularly at risk of obesity but failing to recognise they are still carrying the pounds they put on during pregnancy, say U.S. researchers.

Read here.

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Till marriage do us part

Monday, November 22, 2010
he Society for the Protection of the Rights of the Child (SPARC) has urged the government of Pakistan to ensure more stringent punishments for violators of the child marriages act and impose effective mechanisms to check the menace of child marriage.

A day-long SPARC seminar was held in Sialkot, where the key speakers addressed the issue of child marriages. The seminar was interrupted by a large group of miscreants from the area who protested outside the venue and the SPARC speakers and clerics exchanged hot words on the issue before guards and police officials asked the clerics to leave the venue.

"An early marriage leads to early conception, which ultimately affects the health of the teenage girl as well as her future,” said Naila Athar, a social worker. “These girls seldom get an education and they are bound for life from a very early age without any choice of their own.”

Pakistan’s Muslim Family Law states that in a marriage, a girl must give her consent and be at least 16 years old.

In March 2004, the Law and Justice Commission came out with a draft amendment to the Pakistan Penal Code seeking to penalize the act of offering or accepting a woman against her free will, or any child forced into marriage by way of compensation.

A father may literally ‘sell’ off a daughter to pay off loans from the bride money he receives from the son-in-law. Often, family feuds are settled by giving away daughters or sisters (some as young as a few months old) to the enemy camp, in a custom called ‘Swara’ or ‘Vani’.

Recently, two girls were rescued by the intervention of the Chief Minister of Punjab. When the media got wind of the child marriage, it was highlighted on local TV channels and reported in Sindhi language newspapers.

The speakers at the Protection of the Rights of the Child (SPARC) demanded that a single definition for male and female children be recognized to bring the Child Marriage legislation in conformity with the provisions of the Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan 1973 and the United Nations.


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Suggest you favorite blog

Like so many years, Light Within is asking you to recommend the best Pakistani blogs. In Pakistan - the happening state - writing a blog is a great responsibility. Please show your appreciation for the best blogs (and bloggers) you have been following during the year. Also indicate the new blogs (including your own) and new bloggers that have come up during the year and we might have missed them. Leave your recommendations in comment section here or send them to sajshirazi@gmail.com.

Best of Pakistan blogs - previous years:
Pak Blogsphere - Top Ten Blogs - 2009
Pak Blogsphere - Top Ten Blogs - 2008
Pak Blogsphere - Top Ten Blogs - 2007
Pak Blogsphere - Top Ten Blogs - 2006


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Girls can do anything

The artist writes "In a world where girls grow up feeling like their value is how they look these are meant to be a friendly reminder that they can do anything." Great message, pretty art.


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Nina Akbar - a business woman

Rao Dilshad Hussain

Nina Akbar, the CEO of Sukh Cha’n Wellness Club is a renowned business woman. Prior to launch Sukh Cha’n Wellness Club project, she had been successfully running restaurant chain of Salt’n Pepper for many years.

She has done her graduation from St Joseph College, Karachi. She actively participates in the NGO activities and organises walks for awareness about women’s rights.

She is planning to launch an NGO ‘Sukh Cha’n Trust’ in the near future to help the poor. Her are excerpts from interview with her:

Read more »

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Housing development

Friday, November 19, 2010

By Dr. Norbert Pintsch and Ghayyoor Obaid

A pre-condition for development of future-oriented housing concepts is the capability to be open and to question what is currently available.


This long-term project of the IPC has its roots in the beginning of the 60's of the last century, which was characterized by continuously improving technological possibilities and enormous changes in the psychological and social behavior. These refer apart from raising of children, family life and way of cooking, practical methods of production and problems of intimate areas (discontinuation of shower and WC-paper) and clothing (different forms of fashion) also to furnishings and fixtures, which follow different compulsions. Similarly, the designs are more function oriented and therefore differ totally from the traditionally known and usual forms of design.

Development of Housing Concepts

The ruins of tomorrow are being constructed today! The more designed a building, the lesser is its half-value perio4 i.e. its Transcience and modernity! The projects described here are different from the conventional ones and more similar to structures in other, non-western cultures, for example a classical west-african compound in its design is not positioned on square or rectangular spaces but according to organically formed areas.

The experiences for the Extreme-Housing, described in the following two projects, are based upon a study of housing concepts in other cultures. The question in these projects is not, whether they are likeable in the present circumstances but rather how one can adjust oneself in a new environment. A precondition for that however is the awareness, how much of the currently available is relevant to the circumstances, which have still to come.

Current wishes and life-styles for forest walks, swimming fun, grill parties, golf, summer festivals etc. do not fit into these project forms because they correspond to conventional urban lifestyles. A pre-condition for development of future-oriented housing concepts is the capability to be open and to question what is currently available. There is still a long way to go till the general population realizes how to make use of technological advances in the best way.

The project city of Dubai is a good example of the limits of usual way of thinking in such projects: destruction of resources, harm to climate etc. These are the typical characteristics associated with conventionally designed projects, which are flitted with extravagant consumer-oriented installations, but from developmental point of view are just non-plus-ultra of the western standards; one is not gladly ready to accept that the project actually confines the development.

In the icelandic “Tube-Project” the technical capabilities of of local tunnel construction companies is put to use to construct pipes of 10 mtr diameter at a height of 275m in the volcanic region of Basalt. A unit will consist of two pipes, which are connected to each other through another through another horizontal pipe and a lift which transports which transport people from ground level. The imposing structure of the pipes offers a splendid view on the port and the airport, a factor, which influenced the developers comparable to the builders and investors of the Dubai model and which played a decisive role in the decision for this project.

The infrastructure is totally autonomous. The technology of the Savoniusrotors is used on the permanently windy platforms of the mountain plateau as well as the rain water, which is collected in containers and used in households, the waste disposal is managed through composting.

“Tower-Project” is based on studies of the 60's of the last century, which have their own history of development in the projects for the “new” humans of the social prognosis. The population development played an important role at that time, which can be seen in context of developments in space travel. Through science and research, a number of assumptions from vague concepts made it into the real.world. Without naming any literature references or research reports, let us confine to naming some key words the changes that have taken place, without referring to problems associated with them.

  • Reduced Individuality
  • Faeces and Urine collectors for processing
  • Reduced ownership
  • Changes in schooling and education
  • Changes in health related areas
  • Changes in life parts (facilities for certain age groups)
  • Gene manipulation in the biology (related to humans)
  • Brain manipulation in communication and Information Technology
  • Integrated production units (Termination of separate industrial areas in the economy)
  • Changes in way of furnishing (different from classical furnishing)
  • Changes in cooking methods.

The utopian looking changes may displease, but a look into the present time shows, that these changes are not registered as being unusual and are not seen in context.

  • Fast-food und soft-drinks
  • General uniformity, so-called International Design
  • Internet
  • “Harry-Potter” as synonymous for “spiritual” mass product
  • Gene manipulated foodstuffs
  • Directed influence on brain functions g.. Madness to remain young
  • Less employment
  • Tourism in an unreal world
  • Loss of religious values and its replacement by consume and event oriented lifestyle
  • Computer aided activities for body, memoiy and sences training and so on and so forth
Generally it can be established, that thje socalled progress is putting together of temporary solutionsw to the problems: there have been problems whenever humansintelligence. Only in very remote and faraway places is this development no so grave. Development extremists and progressw believers, mostly from urban city culture, refer to it as development emergency!

The “Tower-Project” is based upon the experiences of older, non-western cultures and is the answer to the conventional destruction of resources and the general unawareness about the - erroneous development in the western civilization.

In the beginning it is suggested for suburban areas, the diameter of such complexes is dependent upon the strength of the ground to provide room for 100000 residents, at the same time the project is also a link to the extra-terrestrial world.

It is well known, that each solution in the Greek-western culture causes two new problems. In the 150 or so years since the begin of the industrial era therefore theoretically 300 problems have been created. In the industrialized countries one success of the development is very limited. Free economy destroys resources, Society and Culture!

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Happy Birthday to Dr. Senta Maria Anna Siller

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

On the occasion of the 75th birthday of Dr. Siller Siller, I on my own behalf and on the behalf of all friends of Thatta Kedona, take this opportunity to thank her heartily for her exemplary and untiring efforts towards the cause.

Happy Birthday to Dr. Senta Maria Anna Siller – the honorable Mother of Dolls who is recipient of Floriade (the Netherlands), Gestaltetes Spielgut (Creative Toys – German Toys Industry), Bundesverdienstkreuz (highest civil order of merit of the Federal Republic of Germany) and many more honors.

We recommend Dr. Senta Maria Anna Siller for Pakistan President's Award for Pride for Pride of Performance.

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SPARC Initiative in Rural Areas

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

SPARC has laid down foundation of another beautiful tradition for preservation of special compounds in rural areas. The functional mud houses will be selected, earmarked and Mud House Owners in Rural Area (MORA) will be paid rupees 10, 000.00 per house per year for continuous maintenance (3-4 times repair of the mud house in a year) of the compound in their own mud homes. Mud houses must be open for visitors and students for physical measurements ( of temperature). This year three mud houses have been selected and earmarked. in village Thatta  Ghulamka Dheroka.The owners will be paid the award amount by Lahore based NGO SPARC at the end of the year (April next year). 

MORA will go a long way in preservation of rural cultural and traditional heritage as well as the functional mud houses.


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Global Village

Monday, November 15, 2010

Global Village is a fantastic display of international culture, presenting a great insight into many countries' traditions - a fun wonderland right in the heart of Dubai. Look for dolls from Thatta Ghulamka Dheroka {at Pakistan Pavilion) when you are there and meet them.


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American Women Are Crazy

Saturday, November 13, 2010
Based on the 65 year old author's experiences, this valuable new book is sure to save American men: a mountain of grief, a ton of money and and the myriad of hassles known in American marriage today.

Written in Brown's usual witty, and frequently outrageous style, the 4 Appendices at the end of the volume will alone be worth the price of admission.

Brown's tome is based on hard personal experience, many of them the author's, plus anecdotes from others. The chapters and information written by ladies are sure to get the attention of all marriage-minded men.

Guaranteed to be the most politically incorrect marriage manual for men published to date. A must read.


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Mud housing

Friday, November 12, 2010
Pakistan is increasingly suffering from an energy crisis. The electricity supply in most parts of the country remains disconnected daily for 8-12 hours; many rural areas have either no electricity at all as they they are too far away from the national grid to receive electricity. The situation points clearly towards the need to maintain and develop energy friendly construction forms and utilize alternative energy sources. Working in this direction, the German Development Agency (GTZ) has for example initiated a large electrification programme in Sind province with the help of solar elements.

The Mud Housing Project of SPARC also intends to make a contribution in the same direction by establishing a “model village”, samples for alternative construction and energy forms. The houses will be an example of traditional mud-construction techniques developed further through research. It will also show options for alternative energy, e.g. solar cooker, dry-WC, wind mill on the principle of Savonius-Rotor etc. - A sort of "Exhibition of Possibilities" never before seen in Pakistan.

The mud construction has unfortunately gained negative image due to influences of urbanization and urban life. Its positive value has been totally neglected. The project intends to bring about a positive consideration of traditional but energy-efficient construction methods. In order to evaluate the results in a scientific way, architecture students of the BNU Lahore, the COMSATS University Lahore, the Punjab University Lahore shall carry out physical tests, experiments and measurements on the mud houses constructed with different materials. Appropriate connections to these universities already exist through Prof. Dr. Norbert Pintsch (SES Expert and husband of Dr Senta Siller, holder of Federal Medal of Honour) due to his longstanding world-wide project work "Dolls of the World" / Village Project in Thatta Ghulamka Dhiroka and other small projects already completed with the assistance of the German Embassy. Letters of Intent from the universities have already been obtained.

The purpose of the exercise is to enable the future decision-makers to consider the traditional mud-construction in new light and to integrate it into future planning. The usage of environmentally friendly and construction biologically cheap materials and traditional construction forms combined with alternative technology, can also open doors for future solutions in urban areas.

The samples of model village will be integrated into an existing cultural entity as a holistic project concept - the cultural complex on the site of the Peerzaada Cultural Complex on the Raiwind Road in Lahore. As the place is already well-known, a regular and high number of visitors to the project as successful public relations work is already guaranteed. Moreover, these mud-houses shall be continuously in use as they will serve as lodging for the artisans working there.

The project appears to be closely related to cultural activity, in essence however, it is a construction concept with educational value as an alternative energy-efficient method of construction.

The project will also be promoted through the digital radio project initiated last year as a small project in the village of Thatta Ghulamka Dhiroka - the Dolls Village.

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With Meesha Shafi

Full of energy, bold and down to earth Misha Shafi makes her presence felt and speaks about putting Pakistan on the global map.

1. How did Coke Studio happen for you?

Well I’m the lead singer for a band called Overload and already had one album out. That’s about the time when Coke approached me and I was definitely in.

2. Have you thought of producing an album with Arif Lohar?

Of course I have, who wouldn’t have. I think collaborations are really exciting. The fusion works and brings out a very different style.

3. Jugni was well received. Did you see it coming?

Absolutely not. The song has been around for many years. When we did the Coke Studio version it just seemed to have hit a nerve with people regardless of class, gender, age or nationality. I have children coming up to me telling me they love it as well as older people. I don’t think anyone would criticize to my face but it seems to have put Pakistan on the global map.

4. Do you have any plans of having a full-fledged concert in Dubai?

I have a lot of stuff lined up with my band. I can’t give you dates as nothing has been confirmed but I can say that its going to be very soon.

5. How do you balance your work life and you personal life?

Well I’m fortunate enough to be married to someone who is in my line of work. That makes it a lot easier; I guess it makes him more understanding. I belong to a family of artists and was privileged enough to marry into a family of artists as well.

6. What kind of advice would you give young Pakistani girls facing challenges in the music industry?

I think my advice would just believe in yourself. Talent cannot be acquired and if you have it you are blessed. I think you should give it an honest shot. You should excel in what you are talented in rather than just be mediocre. The music industry can be tricky and is still frowned upon but just get out there.

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Is bigger better? Is bigger beautiful?

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Read Is bigger better? Large women gaining acceptance at USA Today and answers these questions: Is bigger beautiful? Is bigger better?

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Rural culture

Monday, November 8, 2010
Prof. Dr. Norbert Pintsch

The most important factors for the current development were laid in the 19th century. The rejection of thinking and acting as a community meant for the technology an enormous increase in the industrial production because the division of work led to higher productivity and new professions and it appeared on the face of it to increase the standard of living in western cultures (for example the Taylorism as introduced in Ford automobile factories etc.)

Analysis of the society by political and economic thinkers led to development theories, which could not foresee the effects of these policies as evidenced today. The cardinal error by these theorists was the euro-centristic model, i.e. nobody took the happenings in other cultures into consideration.

In Smith's economic system, the free market functioned globally, as long as global meant regionally and maximum on a national level.

In Marx's political system the democracy functions internationally, as long as the power base is centrally located. This concept is also found in antique Greek city-state models on a local basis.

In both cases, there appears to be consensus on one point, i.e. that "multiple behavioral models (Artenvielfalt)" are not acceptable in these theories. But this is probably precisely the decisive error.

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Seperate schools for the overweight and obese

Thursday, November 4, 2010
"A handful of colleges now offer classes entirely devoted to the overweight and obese. But are they intellectually topical—or just feel-good, pro-fat propaganda," writes Eve Binder. Members of fat academia have noticed the scarcity of plus-size silhouettes on campus—particularly in exclusive private schools, where Fat Studies is most likely to be taught. she adds.

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How to make money online in Pakistan

Monday, November 1, 2010

Blogging is no more a new phenomenon in Pakistan. Many Pakistani online users are writing their own and rest are reading others' blogs and interacting in meaningful ways. Their voice is being heard in the blogsphere. Getting paid for blogging is still a new idea in Pakistan though. Still you can earn  extral money working form home.Here is how?
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