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Thursday, February 10, 2011
The wheel undoubtedly is the most important invention of all-time. The oldest wheel discovered was in excavations in Mesopotamia and is believed to be over 5500 years old. Today, thousands of years later, it is hard to imagine any mechanised system without the wheel. Thus the wheel can be found everywhere –– in cars, trains, planes, watches, machines, wagons, and factory and farm equipments. Revolutionising the life and lifestyle of man, it has a very important relation with his quest to earn a livelihood.

The first wheel, in Mesopotamia in the 5th millennium BC, was used by potters. This is a clear indication of the age-old link between the wheel and the role that it plays in enabling a man to earn his livelihood. Be it the grinding of wheat, milling of corn, making pottery from clay, spinning yarn, weaving cloth, the wheels of fortune keep on turning for these people –– allowing them to fend for themselves and their families.

The wheel’s swift motion serves as an apt metaphor for the change spun by it in the economic life of people. With its underlying form of a circle, it has been recognised as a shape that is complete and perfect in itself, promoting the sustainability of people’s capacity to manage their resources and livelihood.(Dawn)
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