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Doll Project – Network

Thursday, January 13, 2011
AeFeA - Anjuman-e-Falah-e-Aama, NGO that started in small Punjab village TGD is now working in cooperation with other NGOs in the country at different levels. Women from other villages and towns (Village Wan, Village Drie, Village Chak 31, Gogera and Okara) are also coming for training in Vocational Training Center being run by AeFeA.

AeFeA is working with the Needlework (Karimabad), Sozan (Peshawar), Behbud (Islamabad), Better Tomorrow Welfare (Rawalpindi) and Al Falah, APWA and Marie Adelaide Leprosy Centre (Karachi) at two levels – selling as well as production. At level one AeFeA sells products of other NGOs at different bazaars and expositions and the money goes back to the parent NGO and at level two AeFeA gets different item used in dolls and toys made by other NGOs.This network has also extended beyond borders.

AeFeA is working with similar NGOs in Cameroon (since 1998), Colombia (1999), Iceland (2000), UAE-Dubai (2001), Greece (2003) and in Germany (since 1995).


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