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Katoti options

Monday, June 22, 2015
Demand always generates supply. With growing Internet users’ base, trend to see more, compare prices and find the best possible deals online before shopping is increasing fast all over the world including Pakistan. Millions if consumers across the world start their shopping at the Internet sitting in their homes.

The great benefit of the World Wide Web search is that it can locate out vast amounts of products matching to what any user may be asking for. The benefit of Katoti.pk – very aptly named Pakistani shopping site – is that you can simply get the best deals and discount coupons listed there. Explore Katoti.pk and see what they are offering and how. Better still, choose what you want to buy, download the coupon and find the best buy in your city (Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi, Islamabad and or Peshawar).

Always eager to look for ways to save online, I was pleased to find out that Katoti work hand in hand with top sellers and brands to offer the very best offers available. I also explored Katoti.pk and it helped make me some informed decisions. Katoti is updated with the latest and greatest at every moment, and we never stop looking to make sure we’ve got the next best deal.

Explore the neatly laid out site for online vouchers and find amazing options. One of them is already on my wish list.

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You can still have twins!

Sunday, June 21, 2015
A 62-year-old Bulgarian woman has become the country's oldest first-time mother by giving birth to twins following an embryo transfer, local media reported, reports Geo.Tv.

Krasimira Dimitrova, a psychiatrist from the northern city of Ruse, gave birth by caesarian section on May 5 to twin baby girls, named Mary and Jacqueline, who each weighed less than one kilogramme.

Her pregnancy was the result of an embryo transfer, Dimitrova told the newspaper in an interview, adding that she was initially impregnated with triplets but doctors decided to remove one of the embryos.

"Age was not an obstacle for me... I so much wanted to have children," she said.

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View From the Third World

Saturday, June 20, 2015
The landlord comes and laments his problem. This time it is not the work load in the office, also not the mother who is still in coma and he is no more interested in the increasing noise in his otherwise calm and quiet neighborhood. The air pollution? Today he ignores it. There was thunder and storm, which has cleaned the environment. The problem of watering the grass has been solved by natural. The storm has caused an electricity breakdown and there is also no water. However, the food in the refrigerator will not become stale because it has become cooler and the fine dust –to be found everywhere – is settled for the time being.

The farmers in the countryside still do not have many tragic problems. One eats before sunrise and before going to the mosque, works hard during the day, hardly drinks anything, and finds a shadowy place to rest in the intervals. If its the fasting month, he fasts -- no problems.

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The Curves

Friday, June 19, 2015

The Cirque Du Soleil performs during their opening show on May 12 , 2010 in Cologne, Germany. (Photo by Stefan Menne/Getty Images)


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The Causes of all Evil or almost all Evil

Wednesday, June 17, 2015
Prof Dr Norbert Pintsch

Once again we engage ourselves with the topic of disparities in urban and rural cultures, their problems, misunderstandings and faulty developments caused by the myths. The erroneous developments in urban areas are massive and on the other hand, seemingly ignorant and largely uneducated residents in the rural areas are carriers of the traditional culture. They are also the owners of left-over knowledge of the concerned culture. Unfortunately, they are misused by the members of the city culture in many different forms for the purpose of income generation.

Philosophical Considerations

The urbanisation is proceeding forward with the main argument of progress and development, without its necessity being put in question in any way. The prospects of a solution to the enormous problems of the systems complex “City” appear to be further away, more than ever before. One is still looking to solutions used in the XX century, for example the expansion of the infra-structure. The answer to more traffic jams on roads is to widen them, and widen them again when the traffic jams increase even more, and this goes on and on. Mobility is the main catchword, technically attractive, but seen in a long-term or even lesser context, just a sham answer.

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